To Be Extra-Ordinary

Excerpt from: “Journal Entries 2020″, The Corona Silver Linings Anthology. (Dec. 2020). The LifeWrite Project, LifeWrite Press.

April 3. (BC is Before COVID-19 and DC, During COVID-19). Can I distinguish my 82-year-old self (BC) from the anxious discombobulated person I have become (DC)? I have the same need to feed, heal, and inspire others with my work. But I have been bent out of shape by the new procedures my partner Janet and I have to follow. Operating primarily in digital space with everyone else is disorienting.

So much of our time is taken up with obtaining food. BC I shopped and easily found what I needed at several markets. Now we’re limited to where and what items can be ordered. Obtaining cleaning and medical supplies has similar angst. “Shit! They don’t have Clorox Wipes!” My brand of ‘dry eye’ drops never seemed so precious. We’re using ever-smaller pieces of paper towel for napkins. Yet home-cooked meals with Janet give comfort and mirror our life BC. (Link here to buy the book)

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