My Black Journal

I have a studio filled with writings

Entry: June  19,  2017. 1:45 PM.

array3I have a studio filled with writings: short stories, novels, songs, poems, essays, ideas for plays, essays; you name it, I have written some kind of consideration of the topic.

I  meditate, but still I am in a hurry to get my work out to the larger public. Some writers have found FaceBook an amiable pal for sharing their ideas and writings. Is it that I want more attention and focus than the encumbered FaceBook structure provides? And instead I am relying on my blog, MY BLACK JOURNAL, as my outlet for thoughts and writings?

As I approach 80, it will be here on July 17, 2017, I can say honestly, that though I have thought a lot about many things, I do not know the answers to even my own questions. However, I can affirm the authenticity of my feelings around some topics:

  1. I am struggling with how I adapt to my digital age and the extent to which technical gizmos have taken over every area of concern to me. To this point I will share the short story, Digital Addiction and Alienation: AKA, Words with Friends” on my blog. Maybe it’s more of an OpEd piece to start a dialogue going about social media’s potential to join or separate us.
  1. I am focused on the work of getting a long novel out to the general public. I have been working on The Rune Trilogy for 3 decades. I have always conceived this work as taking the form of three books that are related in theme, characters and time, yet can be read as separate volumes. No publisher wants to take a risk on publishing a 300,000 word Trilogy by someone who though  known by her specific political/cultural/social community, is not a number one best seller on the New York Times Book Review list.
  1. In somber awareness of the above, I have engaged in a webinar with Writers’ Digest about these issues. My query letter was chosen nation-wide and shown on their webinar as example of how not to query your novel. Agents and publishers do not want to hear about Trilogys. They might not be able to sell your first book, let alone all three of them. So I’m in the process of trying to  hype interest in an agent or a publisher in one of the three books of my trilogy.
  1. In lieu of the above, in my next journal entry, I will present a series of “Hook Questions” that my three novels in the trilogy address. I will be forever grateful if a reader of my blog will report back to me which of the hook questions grabbed their interest the most.

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